Interesting article on unions and pensions

Will, Interesting article here, partly on recents trends in union-busting, but also on public employee pensions.  Proposes, in the final paragraphs, that perhaps pensions should be put to a vote, just like bonds. I’m not certain this would work well, because the public tends to have anti-Keynesian impulses (“I’m cutting back, so should the […]

Independent compensation committee to decide public employee compensation?

The pay scales of public employees might be decided by an impartial referee committee that has no vested interest but the public interest (as much as is humanly possible). Politicians should not be directly involved in negotiating with unions. I believe in the very high value of unions.  However,  it is true that most people […]

Two more articles on the unions/pay/pensions issue

Today, NYT: .  Summary: it’s not the pay, it’s the pension and disability benefits.  And the work rules. Recently, Fortune/CNN: . Summary: the unions are (generally) not the cause. Neither article supports the current moves to strip unions of the right to strike and/or engage in collective bargaining.