Controversial transgender bill headed for vote in House, Senate

The Boston Globe reports that on Friday, the co-chairmen of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, Senator William N. Brownsberger and Representative John V. Fernandes, told the Globe that committee members were being polled on two versions of the bill. Brownsberger, the Senate chairman, said he believes both versions of the bill “are intended to fully protect transgender people from discrimination.”

Two in five leave Mass. prisons unsupervised, review says

The Boston Globe reports on “the start of a months-long examination of the state’s criminal justice system that could lead to significant policy shifts.” Senator Brownsberger, who serves as the legislative co-chair of the Working Group partnering with the Council of State Governments on the policy review, told the Globe, “I think it’s very positive that the top leaders on Beacon Hill are all focusing together on real data about the criminal justice system. I can’t think of a conversation that is more likely to lead to support for real reforms.” The presentation given by the Council at the meeting can be found at this post.