Conservation Efforts at Belmont Light

Conservation and smart load management are, indeed, very important elements of the business startegy for Belmont Light. As Chair of the Municipal Light Advisory Board, it is important to point out that outr Board is pushing for more and better load management and conservation. We fully intend to be more aggressive on thaty front as […]

Belmont Municipal Light Dept. proposal for new substation

I was wondering what people think about the Belmont Municipal Light Dept. proposal to build a new substation to handle the increasing peak electricity demand in Belmont (; the presentation was video’d at the Oct. 14 Warrant Committee meeting,  As I understand from the BMLD materials, the project would cost $34 million and be […]

invitation to an arts exhibit in State House (today and tomorrow)

Dear My Representative,   I sincerely invite you to Zhen Shan Ren Art Exhibit in Doric Hall, State House. It is on exhibition from now-5pm today and 10am-1pm tomorrow.   This arts exhibit beautifully displays the inhumane persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners in China and practitioners’ strong belief.   If you can spare some time […]