SREC II Emergency Extension

On Friday, April 8th, 2016 DOER announced emergency regulations to extend SREC II.  SREC II was the second solar incentive program created by the state to support the installation of solar projects in the state from 400MW to 1,600MW of installed capacity.  The cap of 1,600MW of approved projects was hit in early March.  Please see the email from DOER […]

2016 Solar Net Metering Legislation

Comment from Will Brownsberger The chart Andrew has prepared below summarizes the status of incentives for different kinds of solar projects under the legislation that we approved yesterday. It is not an attractive package from the perspective of the solar industry. Small residential projects continue to receive the full retail net metering credit (in private […]

2015-2016 Gas Leaks Legislation

A recent article in the Boston Globe has drawn attention back to the more than 20,000 active natural gas leaks across the state. The 2014 gas leaks legislation created a registry and a three tiered classification system to prioritize and mandate repairs for the two larger classes of leaks. There are two bills relative to gas leaks that are under consideration in the current session.

Senate Passes Extension of Net Metering

Yesterday the Senate passed a climate adaptation planning bill, including an amendment to extend solar net metering for investor owned utilities. The Senate was eager to move this issue forward in part because some areas of the state have reached their current cap and solar installations are at risk of losing the federal subsidy which possibly expires at the end of next year. The bill now moves to the House of Representatives, where its prospects are unclear.