Upcoming vote on tax proposal

This spring, the legislature will consider a voter initiative to raise the income tax on people earning over one million dollars. A hearing is scheduled on Tuesday, 1/19, from 10:30 AM-1:00 PM in room B-1 in the State House. I am fully committed to vote to put the proposal on the ballot and ultimately, you the voters will decide its fate. I’m very interested in your thoughts.

As vote looms, concern raised over tax holiday

The Boston Globe reports on the upcoming vote on the sales tax holiday that, “a growing chorus of legislators and budget watchdogs from across the political spectrum is voicing sharp skepticism about the summer sales tax holiday, a decadelong Massachusetts tradition popular with consumers.” Senator Brownsberger plans to vote against the holiday and is quoted as saying on his website, “[h]olidays are festive and I am not by nature a grinch.”

Update on the Film Tax Credit Issue

Over the past two months, I have heard from roughly 200 constituents in my district who are concerned about the Governor’s proposal to eliminate the film tax credit. Some of the most thoughtful constituents indicated that they didn’t like the credit going to out of state movie stars and would like to see it used in a less wasteful way to benefit in-state workers. To further that conversation, in this year’s Senate budget we adopted a very modest compromise amendment, calling for a report.

S.1451, An Act relative to payments in lieu of taxation of organizations exempt from the property tax

Senator Brownsberger has recently submitted the following testimony on S.1451, An Act relative to payments in lieu of taxation of organizations exempt from the property tax: TO:                  Joint Committee …

Film Tax Credit

In conjunction with his budget, Governor Baker proposed the elimination of the Film Tax Credit. On this issue, I agree with the Governor. While I am basically eager to encourage every job-creating industry in Massachusetts, the film tax credit is just too generous to one particular industry — no other industry receives a subsidy as deep as that offered by the film tax credit.