If only we had leaders like Margaret

I encourage you all to read this commentary from the London Daily Telegraph which looks back at the wisdom of Thatcherism- http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/peteroborne/100064330/margaret-thatcher-knew-the-single-currency-would-devastate-europe/ key takeaway- In the 1980s the policies of Britain’s first female Prime Minister, which brought pain and unrest to the UK, were called ‘Thatcherism’. Today, we would call such policies by a different […]

Stimulus spending

“Saturday afternoon on NPR James Fallows proclaimed that “there is essentially no disagreement WHATSOEVER” among economists that more stimulus spending is necessary today [emphasis in the original]. He are misinformed. Last year, hundreds of economists signed a petition, circulated by the Cato Institute, whose key clause reads “it is a triumph of hope over experience […]