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My name is Bill Knowlton and I live in Belmont. I have worked with homeless individuals for over 15 yrs. I want to request your help as my elected Representative to have Governor Patrick rethink and rescind the budget reduction to 7004-0102. This item targeted for homeless unaccompanied adult men and women is money that goes toward helping the most vulnerable segment of our population. The cut equaled 7.4% of the total. Only 19 out of 265 line items faced deeper cuts. If the cuts are introduced in 1/1/10 we will be faced with a staggering 15% reduction in operating budgets. This comes after many years of level funding.

I choose to work in this field and understand the reason I haven’t gotten a raise in 2 years and that financial uncertainty is part of my life but I have a home to go to at night. This cut will mean more homeless on the streets this winter and all that will entail

Please help.

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  1. Hi Bill,

    Thanks again for being in touch. As I mentioned over the phone (and repeat here just for others to be able to see), I feel that the most effective avenue for you is directly to the Governor’s office. Legislators have zero role in the 9C decisions that the Governor is making.

    What legislators can do, and I am committed to doing this, is to work to make more funds available by making cuts outside the executive branch. Not easy easier, but I think there a few opportunities.

    Best regards,

    Will B.

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