Belmont Staycation 2016 is here!

Staycation is a new program of the Belmont Citizens Forum to encourage residents to discover new activities right here at home (and avoid vacation air travel).  Please, take the 5-minute Staycation survey to help with our research on how Belmont residents plan vacations. We at BCF hope to learn a lot this year so we can spread the word during vacation planning season next year.


We’re posting this on Will’s site because Staycation is also a way to encourages citizen engagement, not just reduce fossil fuel use. For example, by suggesting a walk around Clay Pit pond, we’ve already had the opportunity to educate folks about the Clay Pit Pond Walking Path project. A Staycation walk around the Lone Tree Hill conservation area is becoming popular, and may help develop a constituency who cares about the fate of remaining Open Space at McLean. Staycation bike rides and walks to places like Belmont Acres (Belmont’s one working farm) can become reminders that it was over 10 years ago citizens created a vision for today’s Trapelo Road, and for preservation of our agricultural district (e.g. see our 2003 Newsletter), and that ongoing advocacy is still needed to turn the vision for an off-road Community Path into a reality. As construction projects in Cushing Square and at Belmont Center approach completion, we also hope this program encourages community-building — including local shopping!


Visit the Belmont Citizens Forum Facebook page to see some fun Staycation “postcards”, join us for a community picnic August 13 at Wellington Station, or check out our Staycation page for more details.

Thank you!

Anne-Marie Lambert

Belmont Citizens Forum