Belmont Planning Board Library Relocation Proposal

This is a local Belmont issue, but as many Belmontians use this site I thought it would be appropriate to discuss here. Over the summer a member of the Belmont Planning Board put forward an unusual proposal to relocate the main library to the Waverly Square Belmont Car Wash property in conjunction with units of senior housing. I agree with Paul Roberts (see his most recent <a href=””>blog post</a> on the matter) that the proposal was highly irregular, uncalled-for, ill-considered, and somehow fishy. I invite Will et al to read Paul’s post, if you will, and give us your take. What’s going down at the Planning Board methinks is not how town business should be conducted and I applaud Paul for bringing it to our attention.

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  1. Thanks so much for increasing publicity on the dissatisfaction so many of us Belmontonians feel about how our planning board is operating. Perhaps more oversight is needed.

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