Barbara Miranda

Barbara Miranda — my friend, confidant, mentor and political partner for 20 years ā€“ is retiring as my Chief of Staff on Thursday.

Barbara is a uniquely decent person, always calm, always positive, always easy to talk to, an instant friend to thousands of people who have dealt with my office.

Barbara’s public service career began long before she joined me. Barbara has been the best kind of friend — one who will actually help you in a time of need ā€“ to thousands of people.

She doesn’t let up when there is a way to make a difference for a person. Perhaps the greatest lesson among many that Barbara has taught me is that you get the most done if you can be very tough and very nice at the same time. She is an exceedingly effective person.

As much as I truly will miss her, I understand her decision to spend more time with family and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the community.

Please help me give Barbara some more memories to reflect upon. Please take a minute to share a story or make a wish by making a comment on this post. You can be anonymous if you’d like ā€“ Iā€™m sure she’ll remember who you are from the story.

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Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

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  1. Barbara is quite simply the best at what she does. From the moment I was sworn in to office as Senator Brownsberger’s successor, there has been no one whose advice has been more beneficial, including perhaps even the Senator’s (oops, am I allowed to say that? …sorry Will?). Incredibly smart, and also possessed of perfectly sound judgment, Barbara time and again steered me in the right direction. I have encountered few, if any, more thoughtful people in my life. She has done enormous good in her tireless work in public service and we all owe her a big debt of gratitude. In addition to her many talents, Barbara also has a great sense of humor and is just an all around wonderful person. It has been my great good fortune to get to know her. She will be greatly missed, but I know we’ll stay in touch. Congratulations Barbara on a hugely successful career and I hope you enjoy a long and interesting journey from here forward. With my deepest respect and admiration, Dave Rogers, State Representative, 24th Middlesex

  2. Like a number of other comnentors in this thread, I had the pleasure to get to know Barbara as a legislative intern in (then) Representative Brownsberger’s office. I can say for certain that I learned more about the inner workings of state government and how laws are made chatting with Barbara each morning, than I did in 4 years as an undergraduate political science major. Your service has been admirable, and I wish you the best of luck in whatever the future may hold.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Barbara on a very successful and long career in public service. Wishing you a very healthy and happy retirement. May everything you wish for yourself and Family come true in this new year of 2017 and beyond. Sincerely; Ed Scheinbart, Watertown.

  4. There’s no one like Barbara. When the new rules on alimony went through and I needed help – which you were happy to give me, Will – it was Barbara who cheered like crazy and kept me up to date. And when we found that because my divorce agreemeent hadn’t permitted any cost of living increase, I couldn’t lose the little bit of money I get, it was Barbara who sent the mail telling me and telling me how glad she was. Thank you, Barbara,

  5. Congratulations to Barbara on her retirement. Well deserved I know. I remember well how incredibly helpful she was to me when I was having bad luck with the Registry office trying to renew a handicapped placard. I told her I was having a “Kafkaesque experience.” She said that she heard about Kafka a lot in her job. As stressed as I was when I called, Barbara made me laugh, then a few days later, there was the new placard in the mail. Thank you for everything, Barbara.

  6. You gave our son Michael an excellent first exposure to the workings of a legislative office. You coached and advised him when he worked as a legislative aid to our state rep. I voted for you. And I have sat next to you in Town Meetings. Despite the facts that you will become a more private person and that we have moved to Somerville, I hope we will have occasion to see you and express to you in person how grateful we are to you and how much we have enjoyed being comrades in arms with you over the years. Best wishes, Barbara.

  7. Barbara assisted me with applying for Citizens Legislative Seminar which was such a valuable learning experience! She will be dearly missed!

  8. Best wishes, Barbara —
    Thanks for your help through the years.
    George McLean

  9. I’ve been dealing with chronic, debilitating illness (E’s) for almost four decades. After a surgery in 2013, I took a walk to Whole Foods. I was very unwell, cold, tired. I just could not get into that store on my own I needed my dog. I’d heard it was easy to do that, especially because a neck to chest plastic back brace and use s Walker. I walked in, the manager came over and I said, she’s assistive. That was it. But I didn’t want to take advantage. So I wrote to Senator Brownsberger to see if I could get clarification of the rules. He turned it over to Barbara. Within hours, Barbara sent an email with the Americans with Disabilites (ADA) rules and a separate copy of the page that contains the specific info about service dogs, which i printed and carry in my wallet. She not only got the information, she put s little note, saying, basically; if she’s a help to you, you can bring her!
    So efficient and compassionate.
    Here comes a well-earned retirement.

  10. Barbara, I want to add my best wishes for a very happy re-tirement (Paul Solomon’s definition)and my thanks for your years of service to our community, and to me: from educating newcomers to the political process,to providing a sane voice in the midst of chaos – calmly talking us off the edge, to mapping the town for leafleting, to just being there – whenever needed – with generosity,grace and humor. Thank you!
    Kathy Miller

  11. Barbara, While it feels like just yesterday, it was over 21 years ago that I first had the pleasure of working with you at the State House. As a 20-something with little life experience in my first real job after law school, I cannot thank you enough for your advice, sense of humor and willingness to share all that you knew. You were always the voice of reason. I have always admired your professionalism and true concern for humanity. You will be missed – Julie del Sobral

  12. Hello dear Barbara,

    CONGRATULATIONS on an illustrious career in public service. There is no sweeter person in this business. No doubt about it. You will be missed. The very best of wishes on your retirement. Have lots of fun and enjoy your family and friends.

    Parabens (Portuguese “Congrats”).

    Al Medeiros

  13. Barbara,

    I wish you a healthy and peaceful retirement, full of all the memories you hold of the many years helping Will and others to do the best they could for MA.

    Take good care and best of luck,

    Lizzie de Rham

  14. Barbara –

    Best wishes on your retirement!Your smiling face will surely be missed! Truly you are one of the best public servants I’ve known since our days in the House! Much health and happiness to you- Shelly MacNeill

  15. Dear Barbara,

    Thank you for all your help and encouragement, from looking into the speed limit on Concord Ave. (circa 1991 in Anne Paulsen’s office) to the time we went together to speak at Cambridge City Council on behalf of the Silver Maple Forest, to your guidance on all things concerning state government and Town Meeting and so much more. Congratulations, and I hope to see you soon in Belmont!



  16. Barbara was a mentor,an effective advocate and an inspiration to me personally.But she is so much more than that. Barbara was instrumental in turning the senior center in Belmont from a dream into a reality. Seven years now in operation I can attest to the fact that because of her efforts so many in the community come here as a second home and depend on it being there for their well-being.
    If you ask about stories..What stands out for me over the years is how Barbara would talk to an individual or a group who didn’t necessarily agree with her on most issues. But…Her good humored,compassionate and humble manner would invariably persuade! It was fun and instructive to watch.
    Barbara is the anti-whiner. She always finds a way to manage a situation. I remember when she told me years ago that she wasn’t allowed to eat too much sugar anymore. She decided that her big indulgence was to drink fine coffees. I thought “what a great way to deal with that kind of life challenge”.
    Barbara is always,and ALWAYS, for the people.
    I love that about you, Barbara, and am so pleased that you’ll still be coming round to help people at the center.

  17. I have always enjoyed talking to Barbara. She has an amazing memory – I once told her that my children would like to help with foster kittens. It turned out that she knew of a particular place nearby, and when she heard that several kittens had been born, she contacted me, and I was able to take my children over and visit the kittens. I will certainly miss having her at your office, but will look forward to seeing her around Belmont.

  18. Barbara is a shining example of tireless public service. She brings compassion,creativity, savviness as well as perpetual youthfulness to her work She helped show me as a young activist that politics is supposed to work easily for the benefit of the people, and I am grateful for her support.

  19. Barbara,
    You embody the best in public service, approaching you job with competence, compassion, and humility. Thank you for your quick and thorough responses to questions I had over the years.
    Best wishes for your retirement!

  20. Barbara, I can’t imagine how Will can replace you. You are one in a million. Thank you for all that you did for him, for the people and the town of Belmont, and all our issues.

    Often, it is the people behind the scenes that make the biggest mark but do not get the credit. In your case, anyone who knows you will know your immense contribution.

    Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.

    Karen Dorfman
    Belmont, AMA

  21. How truly wonderful that you were available at the beginning of the senator’s Judiciary chairmanship. Reading his testimonial about you, understanding the depth of your commitment and effectiveness in his office filled me with gratitude as well. Sincere thanks for all you did for the senator and the Commonwealth. All the best in your future life.

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