Barbara Miranda

Barbara Miranda — my friend, confidant, mentor and political partner for 20 years ā€“ is retiring as my Chief of Staff on Thursday.

Barbara is a uniquely decent person, always calm, always positive, always easy to talk to, an instant friend to thousands of people who have dealt with my office.

Barbara’s public service career began long before she joined me. Barbara has been the best kind of friend — one who will actually help you in a time of need ā€“ to thousands of people.

She doesn’t let up when there is a way to make a difference for a person. Perhaps the greatest lesson among many that Barbara has taught me is that you get the most done if you can be very tough and very nice at the same time. She is an exceedingly effective person.

As much as I truly will miss her, I understand her decision to spend more time with family and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the community.

Please help me give Barbara some more memories to reflect upon. Please take a minute to share a story or make a wish by making a comment on this post. You can be anonymous if you’d like ā€“ Iā€™m sure she’ll remember who you are from the story.

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Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

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  1. Thank you, Barbara for the many times you answered a question, scheduled a meeting and greeted me and my clients with a smile. Best wishes to you.

  2. Barbara,
    Thanks so much for for your pushing me to what I wanted to do but wouldn’t do on my own — getting more involved with politics/public service in Belmont. Of course, that pales compared to the stewardship with which you have guided our town and more recently Will’s office. For that, we are all indebted to you.

  3. Barbara,
    as a regular visitor to your office from EMIT- End Mass Incarceration Together, I’ve appreciated your friendliness, helpfulness and knowledge.

    ENJOY the next phase of your life !
    You have given a lot to public service and I have appreciated it.
    Susan Tordella
    Ayer, MA

  4. Dear Barbara

    Thank you for all your service locally and that goes out nationally also.

    Enjoy your retirement.

    Wishing for you new blessings, new beginnings, new dreams come true, beyond your wildest ones.

    Kindest regards,

    Sheila Parks xoxoxo

  5. To Barbara-
    Thank you to one of the most knowledgeable and laconic state house experts. Your unflappable patience and expertise have steadied your elected sidekicks and made your/their constituents proud.
    I am fortunate to live in the same hometown and look forward to seeing you doing, as you joyfully say, ‘whatever you want’!
    My very best,

  6. Barbara, Congratulations on your retirement! Life is full of transitions…. always something new to do, new to enjoy. For many years now, I have looked up to you and admired your intellect, your genuine caring, and your unique ability to get things done. Thanks for being such a help to our community. With my best wishes…..

  7. Congratulations on your wonderful career. So great that you have made a difference for so many people.


  8. I was spending time with a very distressed senior citizen and I wanted to empower him to reach out to people at the State House as he comes from a country where this is not done. We made the rounds with 25 cent pocket Constitutions in hand. I feel the warm reception from people like Barbara gave him a glimmer of hope that somehow his voice might matter. We appreciated the Life Savers as well.:)

  9. Dear Barbara

    I want to wish you the best of luck and fun I during the phase of your life
    Best. Karen

  10. Dear Barbara

    I want to wish you the best of luck and fun during the next phase of your life- you made a difference

    Best. Karen

  11. Barabara,
    Thank you so much for you great response and research into questions we had with changes in the dental benefits which were so Important to Steve’s work . You always communicated Tony’s the information needed and responded so quickly. You made a difference to so many people. Thank you for always being there for Will and for all of us. We wish you a wonderful retirement.

  12. Barbara,
    You are one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. Brilliant, kind, helpful, and beaming with the soul of an angel. While Will will miss you dearly, your Belmont friends now get more time with you and this thrills us. Thanks so much for making this world a better place for EVERYONE! You’ve increased property values in Belmont making my work here as a Realtor dreamy! šŸ™‚
    Great Big Hug!
    Anne Mahon

  13. Barbara,
    You are a force of nature. Will has been so lucky to have you as his right-hand person, and we have all benefitted so much from your steady hand and well-informed judgment. Hope that the years to come hold many blessings for you. Helen

  14. Barbara,
    Thank you so much for you great response and research into questions we had with changes in the dental benefits which were so Important to Steve’s work . You always communicated the information needed and responded so quickly. You made a difference to so many people. Thank you for always being there for Will and for all of us. We wish you a wonderful retirement.

  15. Barbara,you were a kind neighbor when I lived down the street from you, and more recently you welcomed me and my group of international students to the office for a lesson on American government. Few of them understood until that visit that in the U.S., you can visit the office of your representative and tell them what you are thinking. Many thanks!-Ruth Sacks

  16. Congratulations Barbara. I hope you have a long and wonderful retirement.
    Mary Cummings

  17. Ms. Miranda, Representative Brownsberger has been my Representative for many years. I have always appreciated his calm and even demeanor and political style. Politicians have always been the products of their era and communities; but more importantly, of their associates. I would say that all I admire about our Representative is linked to all of your hard work and selfless effort on his behalf. You are the change and hope that he represents. Hats off to you.

  18. Barbara, you are amazing! Best wishes to you on your retirement, and thanks for all you have done to keep the wheels turning for all of us in Belmont! Donna Ruvolo and Lauren Crocker

  19. Barbara, thank for being an integral part of Will’s powerful, constituent-centric public service. We all know he could never have been as effective without you, and I always appreciated your notes and consideration. Have a wonderful and healthy retirement!

  20. Best wishes in your retirement Ms. Miranda. Thank you for your help to us when we lobbied Sen. Brownsberger in town.
    Bill and Liz King (No TPP Boston)

  21. I will always be grateful for how you quickly responded to emails when my husband’s unemployment check was delayed by 13 weeks when he got laid off. You made the phone calls to the state so we didn’t have to, and you helped make sure the money was on its way. Thank you so much.

  22. To Barbara, It is hard to add Will’s comments. Your voice and presence will be missed. Best wishes for your retirement. Vicki Ford

  23. You will be missed for dealing with me positively with the most cool respected manner and like my auntee you knew how to say call back later without the language. The warmth you bring to the office every time i would come by and the calls you made on my behalf — bottom line you are very warm and welcoming stay blessed and well best of luck with retirement God Bless

  24. Barbara, Tina and I wanted to take a moment to say before you leave that this farewell message isn’t just about saying goodbye to someone we admire, respect and have learned so much from. Rather, it is about encouraging and giving our best thoughts, prayers and warm wishes to you on your continued life’s journey. Love and Hugs,

    Mel & Tina Poindexter – Massachusetts Democratic State Party
    MA Democratic Black Caucus
    Baystate Stonewall Democrats
    Watertown Democratic Town Committee / tel.617-335-4040

  25. Best of luck Miranda. I’m sure Will will miss you. Thanks for your wondeful help over the year, from the time Will was representative to today. He sure could not and we could not have done it without you. You leave big shoes to fill.

    Nayla Rathle

  26. you have always been wonderfull every time i had to deal with the senators office all the best in whatever you do going forward, thank you and GOD BLESS. sincerely, kevin schneider

  27. Every time I’ve had a constituent service matter, whether for myself or my friends, that I’ve brought to Will’s Attention… He immediately copied Barbara on his reply email and put her on the case. And sure enough Barbara came through and got the job done. Making Will, look good in the process!
    And that’s not an easy thing to do for a Democrat ! LOL

    All kidding aside, Will stated that “Barbara is uniquely decent person.” That is very true… but it is equally true of Will Brownsberger, whom I’ve gotten to know quite a bit via email. Often times disagreeing with his politics, but always admiring his openness, his willingness to listen and discuss alternatives he might not agree with, and his genuine caring for people.

    So it is no wonder that his chief staff Barbara, would be so wonderful. She helped me access services for my 91 year old mom, after an injury. She patiently helped a dear friend of mine who was in an endless battle DHS.

    It’s people like her, that give people like me (who instinctively distrust Government) hope, that there are Government Employees who truly strive to serve the public.

    I wish Barbara all the best as she retires. She will not only be missed by the Honorable Senator Brownsberger, but she will be missed by the entire 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex District, whom she served.

    God Speed Barbara.

  28. Barbara, it is hard to imagine you as a retiree, but I know that you have many new fields to explore so that no moss will grow under your feet. Looking forward to seeing you at the senior center, as you continue your Friday liaisons. Sallye Bleibeg

  29. Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting Barbara Miranda; seeing these words “She doesn’t let up when there is a way to make a difference for a person” stated by William Brownsberger about her. That is what life is all about; making positive changes and stepping up to the plate when you know something is wrong and you have the ability to do right and good. So many people will look the other way or pass the buck because it is easier for them. These are the ones who have no regard for human life and the importance of reaching out to those who need help. I wish you well in all you do and maybe someday others will follow in your footsteps and do the right thing. God Bless

  30. Oh, no!!! Belmont is doomed! Enjoy some leisure, Barbara, you sure have earned it.

    Buzz Hausner

  31. Your excellent work and good cheer will long be remembered by many, but I will also always remember the countless times over the past decade that you did that good work and remained cheerful even when I interrupted your lunch (which was almost every time I came to the office).

  32. Best of luck with a wonderful retirement. Take it from one who took the plunge-it is wonderful! Lots more reading time and time to do things at your own pace and time! Enjoy and thanks for your service! Best, June Roberts

  33. Madam Chief,

    You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and a mentor to me in so many ways. Whenever a particularly vexing or complicated problem arose, I knew I could look to you for sound advice and exceedingly level-headed judgment.

    I will be guided in many ways going forward by that advice (as well as the advice your grandmother used to dispense)! And when a dilemma arises, I’ll have to ask myself, “What would Barbara do?”– or give you a call! But I will try to keep my calls social in nature so as to let you enjoy your much-deserved retirement!

    I have also come to value your unfailing kindness, support, and friendship over these last five years. I will miss seeing you so regularly.

    I wish you a retirement filled with the people you love, the books you love, and the vistas and places you love- and those you have yet to meet, read, and explore!

  34. My only connection was via phone a while back. She was warm, attentive and way over the top knowledgeable.
    Thank you, Barbara, for the respect, care and attention that marked your time in the State House with Will.
    Best wishes for your future joys.
    Rozann Kraus,
    Cambridge irritant

  35. Congratulations! Retirement can be the best part of life so I hope you take it on with the same dedication and creativity that you took on all those years of working to help make Belmont a better place for all of us. You deserve the gift of every day to shape as you choose. We are sorry to lose you at the State House but delighted to have you back around the neighborhood. Here’s to a long healthy restorative retirement!!

  36. Hi Barbara,
    The information you sent me a while back helped me get started on more avenues for elder care for my mother who still lives alone and is nearly 98 now!
    Thank you for your thoroughness, your concern, and effective delivery of snail mail to me, who remains partially prehistoric regarding technology. Even though we never met face to face, I know you’d have been a delight.
    God bless you in your retirement, you lucky duck!
    Koletta Kaspar

  37. Hi Barbara,
    I can’t pull up a specific story, but our history working in the community goes a long way back also. I have to echo Will’s kind words to describe you. It was always such a pleasure to meet you on the street or talk to you on the phone. You are always calm, perceptive, helpful, just willing to give whatever you have to make every moment better. Thank you so much for everything you have done and I wish you a long, healthy, happy retirement! You are most deserving! D. Moultrup

  38. I don’t really have a story but know Barbara, a little. I think she was on town meeting (that might be incorrect), has been an activist for worthy (to me) causes, and is a fine and decent human being.

    While no one is irreplaceable, a few are much more difficult to replace. Barbara is definitely one of these individuals and I wish her the very best.

    She’ll be missed, by many.

  39. Dear Barbara.
    We wish you the best in retirement, and we are so happy for you.
    I love what the Senator said about your lesson to him…to be “tough and kind at the same time.” I can see this quality in both of you and can attest that it is true. It is the best way to get the most accomplished. We saw it often in Senator Brownsberger! We are so thankful to both of you and the office staff for all that was accomplished.
    This is a lesson that we will certainly pass on to our other children and grandchildren.
    Best wishes for a wonderful retirement!
    Ivan and Martha Warmuth

  40. Barbara is everything a constituent could want – attentive, responsive, knowledgeable. I worked with her while at MassBike doing bike advocacy work, and as a constituent living in Belmont. She will be sorely missed. Good luck to her in whatever adventure she sets her sights on next!

  41. Barbara, thank you for all of your help over the past many years. You have been nothing but an absolute pleasure and a true facilitator! I wish you all the best! Russell Beck

  42. Barbara, I think I first met you way back in the Bill Monahan days. Remember those??? And then when I was working on Mike Barrett’s first Senate campaign you were a fervent supporter of that. You were always considered the force behind and the organizer of us progressives in Belmont in every election. (Where did you get that never-ending energy?!) We always knew we could win with Barbara running the show! Thank you for all of that. I hope to continue running into you around the Arlington/Belmont community. Enjoy your retirement, Barbara; you’ve earned every minute of it!

  43. Barbara, you are an inspiration and represent the best in public service! I hope you have a happy, healthy retirement!

  44. I clearly remember your broad smile and generosity of spirit as you welcomed me to the State House 22 years ago, almost to the day. Your partnership in my early years made me a better legislator and your friendship has made me a better person. I will miss you and carry you with me. Warmly, Jay Kaufman

  45. Barbara has been a stalwart public servant for so many years. She has been a great leader and always done what was right.

    I wish her the best on the next leg of her journey.

    Caleb Stewart

  46. Barbara,
    I remember admiring your energy and commitment when I first became involved in Belmont politics during the Chenery override.
    I hope you have a blast during retirement, but I can’t imagine you being too restful! I’m sure I’ll be seeing you on campaign trails for a very long time!

  47. Happy Retirement Barbara! I’ve always been so impressed with your office and your team. We wish you a lovely, happy and peaceful retirement! Enjoy.

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