Barbara Miranda

Barbara Miranda — my friend, confidant, mentor and political partner for 20 years – is retiring as my Chief of Staff on Thursday.

Barbara is a uniquely decent person, always calm, always positive, always easy to talk to, an instant friend to thousands of people who have dealt with my office.

Barbara’s public service career began long before she joined me. Barbara has been the best kind of friend — one who will actually help you in a time of need – to thousands of people.

She doesn’t let up when there is a way to make a difference for a person. Perhaps the greatest lesson among many that Barbara has taught me is that you get the most done if you can be very tough and very nice at the same time. She is an exceedingly effective person.

As much as I truly will miss her, I understand her decision to spend more time with family and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the community.

Please help me give Barbara some more memories to reflect upon. Please take a minute to share a story or make a wish by making a comment on this post. You can be anonymous if you’d like – I’m sure she’ll remember who you are from the story.

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Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

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  1. I am so glad for you and so sad for me! Having you across the hall or one floor above provided such solace.

    Thanks for all the help at work – You are a great great listener and counselor and a totally trustworthy friend- to say nothing of your unfaltering kindness. I will really really miss you. At least now you will have time to do the crosswords from the Times!

  2. Enjoy your retirement, Barbara! I will miss seeing you when I stop by Will’s office. You know, my favorite Barbara story has nothing to do with politics. When I first met you, you told me you set your sights on a particular house on Goden Street despite the fact that the house wasn’t actually for sale. So you waited (or maybe let the people know when they were ready, to get in touch), and eventually ended up with the house of your dreams in the perfect neighborhood. I always thought it was an example of planning, patient persistence, and just plain knowing what you want. Anyway, may you enjoy your home and neighborhood for many, many years!

  3. Thank you for your dedication to Will, and best wishes for the next phase of your life!

  4. Barbara,
    Thanks for your kindness and your tenacity on my behalf. Will miss you but hope you enjoy the well-earned retirement.

  5. Barbara,
    you’ve been a tireless champion for the community for many years. I recall times when standing at intersections with campaign signs how you set the tone of cordialness for everyone, no matter their political stance. I hazard an opinion that you are merely lowering your landing gear and will see you again sign holding etc. around Belmont!

  6. Barbara –

    I met with you on occasion to talk about school-based health care – and I always appreciated your support and the understanding you had for the importance of caring for young people’s physical and mental health needs in an effective and accessible manner. I wish you all the best as you begin your next chapter.
    Sincerely, Jordan Hampton

  7. I met Barbara at the Watertown Senior Center when your office sponsored the Charlie Card program. Barbara was a pleasure to work with.Congratulations! Enjoy your retirement!

  8. Barbara, you have been such an asset to many politicians, not to mention your many friends and neighbors in Belmont. Go, and do enjoy this well-earned next stage of life. With all best wishes!

    Jackie James

  9. My dear Barbara, I am wishing you a year of peace and new adventures…I remember so well your advising me on our Cherney-new middle school effort in Belmont. You were my Politics 101 in many ways not to mention so understanding of what I didn’t know and how I might be approach this. You understand and value human relationships, most importantly. You know you can always call in me. All the best, Bev Freeman

  10. My husband and self met Barbara for the first time before getting to see the Senator on different issues. Was amazed how well she handled the situation. A friendly, warm-hearted and caring person. We wish her a wonderful retired life and many thanks for the advice you gave us. Congrats!!

  11. Best wishes for your retirement. I’m sure you will find many interesting things to do.

    Mary Lou Barbagallo

  12. Congratulations Barbara on a stellar career. Your dedication, hard work, and countless contributions are greatly appreciated. Enjoy your family! Anne

  13. Dear Barbara,
    I can’t imagine local and state governing without you! You are leaving a big hole in both. Because I have known you for so many years, there are so many experiences I’ve shared with you. You are the personification of an “Unsung Hero”, delivering critical
    behind the scene!

    I wish you well in your retirement.
    Fondly, Anne Covino Goldenberg

  14. Barbara,

    Thank you for all the years you have spent working to make Belmont and surrounding areas better places to work and live. You have worked with selectpeople, State Reps and State Senator, serving them and Belmont well.
    You will be missed but enjoy your time ahead.
    Best wishes
    Libby Atkins

  15. Barbara, Your warmth, experience and effectiveness will be sorely missed by everyone you touched. Best wishes for a long and happy retirement. Pam and Steve Meisyer

  16. Barbara – Though my contact with you has been infrequent, your warmth and always evident competence and concern for improving the political process, enabling its best participants and opportunities, and leading in effective ways while disregarding personal aggrandizement, render you clearly (to me) the manifest archetype of the highest aspirations of our democratic republic. In gratitude for your service – Scott Harper

  17. Barbara,

    You do not know me. Nevertheless, I send you very best wishes for a happy retirement. Even though you must enjoy your job and working with the unstoppable Will Brownsberger, having time to reflect and choose exactly how you want to spend your minutes and hours should bring you joy.

    Hope you won’t miss Will too much.

    Best wishes,

    Katthy Martin

  18. Barbara,

    Congratulations on your retirement! You’ve certainly earned it. Wishing you all the best.. you’ll be missed

  19. Barbara,

    I think I first got to know you in the 1980s on the 74 Bus.We’ve been allies in so many political campaigns, local, state and national and in Town Meeting. I have been impressed over the years with your dedication to the public good, your extraordinary willingness to pitch in and work on whatever needs doing, your ability to laugh at the absurdities of life and your unflappability. Now that you’ll be retired, I look forward to seeing more of you. With warmest best wishes, Carl Brauer

  20. I will always remember you, Barbara, for our crusade to reform the sclerotic Democratic Town Committee, in 1988 I think, with our success and your chairing the committee afterwards. I have admired your work ever since.

  21. So many good wishes coming your way, Barbara, and so much gratitude for all that you have done for your local community and the world beyond. I have always admired the grace and steadiness with which you approached every possible challenge – and how often you orchestrated a successful outcome to those challenges. Those of us in Belmont and your legislative districts surely benefitted, as did many well beyond that.

    On a very personal note, I thank you for the guidance, wisdom, and care you provided to Michael – from his days as an intern in your office and later as a State House colleague.

    May your next chapter be filled with all that you want and need it to provide! You deserve every bit of good coming your way!! And may you also find ways to stay in the fight for justice – we need you!

    With appreciation, Sara

  22. Grandma, you are a very kind person and an amazing person. Your dedication to me, your work and Will is unbreakable. I hope you can find time to do cool things in retirement! Love, Miranda

  23. Dear Barbara,
    I don’t know if you remember but your son, Tim, went to school with my children, Andrea, Alex, and David (twins).
    I’d like to wish you a wonderful retirement! I’m enjoying mine immensely. You can do the things you want to do all at a pace that is comfortable. Enjoy this new adventure in good health and happiness with the ones you love!
    Cheryl Shushan

  24. I first met Barbara way back when, in the late 1970s, when I entered the MA House as a peer of Barbara’s good friend Mary Jane Gibson, Belmont’s newly-elected State Rep. Mary Jane was kinder and less selfish than the rest of us, and Barbara was smarter and more practical, so they made quite a pair. Barbara was the bedrock for the starry-eyed young reformers of that era. She remained her own unique self after the rest of us departed, and remains her own unique self today. I know for a fact that she is the only ballast that keeps my friend and colleague, the brilliant Sen. Will Brownsberger, from simply floating up up and away. Thank you so much, Barbara. You have been our anchor.

  25. I wish you best in your your finances in California,New York and Massachusetts,(one party states) fixed incomes are at risk by taxes. ask your former to you.

  26. Barbara, I have always appreciated your graciousness and calm. You’ve accomplished much and it looks as if you haven’t even broken a sweat doing so! I wish you well in your retirement and hope our paths will cross again.
    Aimee Coolidge

  27. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for all your support and guidance last year.

    I am still working closely to teaching and tutoring in my field, but,every little bit of career insight helps.

    I do hope you remember my name since we are in the same area and I may see you around.

    Good Luck in your retirement!!

    Kind regards,

    Lori Ajamian Pariury, M.Ed
    Lexington, MA

  28. RE: Barbara Miranda -Best Wishes on Being a Belmontian for us all.

    Our Town of Belmont-has always shown its best side- when we are Belmontian’s!

    The foundation of this is found best in the spirit of the late Richard “Dick” Betts Town Historian and Past President of the Belmont Historical Society.

    Two favorite quotes I think you will appreciate from former town officials on Dick- would “also apply” to your service at the State House For Belmont and neighboring communities:

    ….was a good person who conducted himself with integrity, with a smile and always as a professional and gentleman

    ….. was one of a kind and a true Belmont legend. I think everyone who knew him would agree that he was indeed ‘Mr. Belmont.’ He knew everything about everything that is Belmont

    In my outreach work to assist those in need and often in emergency situations- you put aside any politics- and became again and again a Belmontian. Not everyone can do this – and for this you should be doubly proud.

    My thanks bill dunham jr.

  29. Hi Barbra, I will never forget the time I came to the state house as part of the New Enngland Organ Bank volunteer visit and stopped by yopur office, as usual you were very kind and professional. I wish the best in your retirement you deserve it and will be hard to replace.
    Jim Pazzanese

  30. A proudest achievement was the winning vote for the Belmont Senior Center. Well done Barbara. Happy Retirement.

  31. Best of luck.
    Sorry I did not get a chance to get to know you better. But I do remember some good conversations.

  32. Hi Barbara:

    Thank you for you for everything you do! I am grateful to you for your kindness and your service over the years. I wish you more time for yourself and your family.

    Best wishes,

    Sarah Koolsbergen

  33. Many years back, Barbara got so frustrated with a certain Belmont Selectman who had held office for (too) many years, that she up and ran a campaign to defeat him. I was, at least nominally,her campaign manager. In reality she educated me on what needed to be done. Though we did pretty well, we did not defeat our opponent. However, I learned a lot and enjoyed the experience of working with her greatly. She has a calm temperament and a plethora of skills, is a very capable manager and advisor. Overall, a high quality person!! I wish her the best in her retired life.

  34. When I was a rising senior in high school, I interned for then-Representative Brownsberger and then-legislative aide Barbara Miranda. Barbara was my supervisor. She introduced me to politics, what it means to work in an office, and the meaning of public service. Years later when I myself was a legislative aide, Barbara was a mentor and friend to me. As will said in the post, Barbara is uniquely decent. She paired that decency with unique, deep vision about human lives and they way they interact with government and politics that I consider to be in my personal experience unparalleled. I never left a conversation with Barbara feeling unworthy or without new insight.

    Thank you, Barbara, for the many things I know you did and the many, many more I never heard about! I hope you deserve a very well-deserved retirement!

    Lots of love,

    Michael Allen

  35. Barbara,
    The Senator said is exactly: “a uniquely decent person, always calm, always positive, always easy to talk to, an instant friend to thousands of people.” Thank you for attending those late night meetings in he Fenway, for your concern and involvement in the 13 A affordable housing Expiring Use problems, and for all the other things that you have worked on for the district. The folks in the Fenway and at the Fenway CDC We will miss you.

  36. Barbara,

    I would never have learned how to run for office without you, and through the years you have been the most excellent adviser, wise and practical, and always a friend. From years ago being the self-described “Phantom of the mailbox”,to many Town Meetings, to sharing rides to state conventions you’ve been the one I looked to for a positive outlook on politics that can sometimes seem hard to rise above.

    Love and cheers on your retirement, and I know I’ll be seeing you in Belmont.

  37. You will be missed, by you will also have more time to walk all over town again. I look forward to running into you.

  38. Hi Barbara,

    Congratulations on your public service career. Importantly you have been a committed and succsssful public servant for decades here in Easten Middlesex County. Senator Brownbarger has been blessed to have the benefit of your hard work and wisdom. I look forward to congratulating you in person soon.

    Jerry Kelley

  39. Hi Barbara,

    Your community celebrates the many contributions you have made over such a long period of time. I wish you every success and every happiness in retirement, and I hope to see you soon, out and about in Belmont.


    Hardin Matthews

  40. Barbara,

    Congratulations on your retirement and best wishes to you, as you move forward in a new phase of your life!

    You have been and will continue to be an amazing asset to the Belmont community. I have always had a deep admiration for your tireless commitment to working toward “the greater good”.

    Thank you for your willingness to share your experience, wisdom, and insight with so many of us, over so many years! You are truly a gem!

  41. Barbara has been the best kind of public servant. She will be missed. Charles and Ethel Hamann

  42. I just hegan supporting Will so i do not know you. Nut I do know that his responses to all inquiries are so timely that I feel that a superb, efficient person is behind it all. I suspect that is you. He will miss you certainly. Best wishes on your new adventure.

    Barbara Fau

  43. Barbara — Your public service career is spectacular! I well remember the work we did together decades ago on the Nuclear Freeze in what was then the “8th District”, and your actions have continued to be guided by your values and your passion to make a difference. I’m so glad you’ve been part of Will’s team. All the best to you going forward — Elizabeth Ainsley Campbell

  44. Barbara helped me navigate the IRS when my taxes were not filed by a third party in a timely fashion. Her care, warmth, expeditious service and kind heart helped me fix the issue quickly and without stress. Thank you, Barbara, I am grateful for your help and hospitality. Best wishes!

  45. As a friend, former comrade in countless political efforts, and town leader, Barbara has always displayed nothing but warm compassion, intelligent purpose, quick humor and tireless diligence, no matter what the task or obstacle. She will be missed greatly by all she helped. We all wish her well in this next phase, which I know will be with new energy and purpose!!

  46. I was new to the district just under 10 years ago. Shortly thereafter, I encountered transportation issues for my adult son with autism (to his day program). A call to your office put me in contact with Barbara. She immediately got involved and, more importantly, got the Department of Developmental Services to take action. Years later, my teenage son developed some mental health issues and, this time, Barbara and your office were instrumental in getting the Department of Mental Health to do the right thing and take action. You wouldn’t believe the details. I can’t thank Barbara and your office enough. I wish you a long and very happy retirement Barbara, you will certainly be missed. Thank you Senator and staff for all you do to help the most vulnerable and defenseless in our society. Your task, unfortunately, is about to become even more challenging. Keep up the fight!

  47. Dear Barbara,
    Will’s comments summarize beautifully my memories of you as a political advisor, community activist, and friend.
    I can only applaud your decision to “retire”.
    I define “re-tire” as putting 4 new tires on your car and moving forward.

    Go for it, and don’t look back!

    Warmest regards,


  48. Barbara, it has always been a pleasure to work with you over these past 10 years. I wish you the very best in your next life adventures!! Dottie smith

  49. Barbara, I think I have know you the longest and we had a wonderful time. I remember the pumpkins your husband made. We were very busy but had a great time. wish you all the best on your retirement,

    Your old friend


  50. Barbara,
    It was a pleasure working with you in the Senate and I wish you the very BEST in your new adventures!

    Be Well
    Stacey LeMay
    Senate Clerk’s Office

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