Federal Attorney Carmen Ortiz Must Go

Once again Boston Federal Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz has overreached and ruined the life yet another promising young man. When Internet prodigy Aaron Schwartz downloaded 4 million academic articles from the JSTORE site (legally, with a guest login at MIT), she (with MIT’s backing) threw the book at him, charging him with 13 dubious felony charges […]

Stand Your Ground Against Paranoia

Even knowing about the tragedy that cost Trayvon Martin his life in Florida, and despite less well publicized shootings where such laws protected assailants, Massachusetts may try to join the trend with its own “stand your ground” legislation. According to the Wellesley Patch, State Sen. Stephen M. Brewer, D-Barre, proposed a stand your ground gun, […]

Citizen Rally and Summit for Democracy, Boston Jan 20 & 21

Please attend this two-day event if you can, and consider endorsing important related Statehouse bills S304 (campaign funding disclosure) S305 (corporate accountability) S308 (clean elections) 1577  (pay to play) On the January 20–21 anniversary of the Citizens United decision, a wide coalition of groups will stand together for GETTING MONEY OUT OF POLITICS! From 12:30pm-1:30pm […]