Report on annual hearing of the Department of HealthCare Finance and Policy

  Complex system requires complex changes Consumer involvement needed, perhaps through tiered plans Standardization and transparency in price and quality reporting needed Coordinated care, medical homes, bundled payments—all mean rewarding value and outcomes rather than services IT is critical A slow transition is needed     In June, the Department of Healthcare Finance and Policy […]

Analysis of Attorney General’s Report on Healthcare Cost Trends

Analysis of the Attorney General’s report: Examination of Health Care Cost Trends and Cost Drivers Pursuant to G.L. c. 118G, § 61?2(b) Report for Annual Public Hearing June 22, 2011   Wide disparities in healthcare payments exist that are not due to variations in quality Simply changing to global payments does not reduce costs More […]

Report On Hearing Regarding Governor Patrick’s Healthcare Cost Control Bill

Hearing was the first of several Bill would change healthcare payments and organizations Everyone “pro” cost control, but some details at issue Providers concerned with over-regulation, lack of flexibility Others want public-option, public wellness provisions Committee concerned with cost estimates and funding     The joint committee on healthcare finance held its first hearing regarding […]

Are There Significant Healthcare Savings To Be Found In Reforming The Malpractice System?

  Summary Massachusetts already has several levels of limits on malpractice suits and damages Pretrial tribunals Caps on non-economic damages Caps on attorney’s fees Malpractice rates set by the Insurance Commissioner Pretrial tribunals are not a significant barrier to pursuing a suit The amount of bond necessary to move forward is too low and has […]