An electoral or process reform category?

Hi Will

Perhaps you can create a forum that deals with structural reform of one or more of government, elections, chamber rules, process?

I tried to post one more bit to inform your view of National Popular Vote (although of course this battle has passed here in MA) and attempt to dispel your main concern about a deviant regional candidate. Beyond being chock-full of air-tight mathematical arguments, this CGPGrey video on “The Trouble with the Electoral College” is downright entertaining:

Hope you enjoy it.

3 replies on “An electoral or process reform category?”

  1. Thanks, Adam.

    That’s a good idea. I’d have to move over a lot of old posts into the forum category to get it started. My old stuff on this issue (5 years old now) is not in the forum structure.

    I’ll put that project on the wish list and perhaps get to it in the fall. Or when something really comes alive as an issue in this category.

    Thank you for passing this on!

    All best,


  2. If you haven’t yet gotten around to moving your old posts into your new site, I’d be happy to volunteer to perform this migration if it means getting some kind of Elections or Process category up on the forum. It should be pretty easy.

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