Interim Senator

As a citizen of Massachusetts I urge you to support giving our Governor the authority to appoint an interim US Senator to fill Senator Kennedy’s seat. If my daughter needs health care services I don’t want to have to tell her that she doesn’t have it because the Massachusetts legislature voted against giving it’s citizens’ equal representation with every other State.
The issue of “political expedience” is not an answer to those who need health care. That’s an issue for politicians. Most of those currently opposed to giving the Governor this authority, were happy to defend that authority when a Rebublican was Governor. Nobody in the legislature comes with “clean hands” on this issue. It is irrelevant to the public given the stakes.
Thank you.

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  1. Thanks, Milton.

    I do agree that health care is a basic need that noone should go without.

    I do also agree that, as another constituent recently reminded me, “politics ain’t bean bag” and the Republicans are every bit as willing to play hard ball as the Democrats.

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