S417 An Act to ensure full compliance with good funds statute.

Senator Brownsberger submitted the following written testimony to the Joint Committee on Financial Services.   TO:          Committee on Financial Services  FROM:    Senator William N. Brownsberger  RE:           S417, An Act to ensure full compliance with good funds statute.  DATE:      February 26, 2014  I am writing in support of S417, An Act to ensure full compliance with […]

Support for anti-shackling bill

Senator Brownsberger has received many emails similar to the one below from constituents urging him to support S1171, An Act to prevent shackling and promote safe pregnancies for female inmates.  The Senator is a co-sponsor of this bill and provided written testimony to the recent hearing by the Joint Committee on Public Safety. Senator Brownsberger: […]

Transparency and Ethics: How do the Public Records Law and State Ethics Law apply to the MBTA Retirement Board?

On February 25, 2014, the Joint Committee on Public Service will be holding a public oversight hearing on the MBTA Retirement Fund. Below, please find an overview of the applicability of the public records law and state ethics law to the MBTA Retirement Fund and Board. PUBLIC RECORDS LAW APPLICABILITY In May of 2013, Senator […]

Legislative Briefing by Health Connector

The Health Connector provided a  briefing today to legislative offices to provide information that would be useful to constituents who have or will apply for health insurance through the Connector. The briefing materials, which you will find below, provide suggestions for applying for health insurance, checking into the status of your application, navigating the website, […]

Pension Protection for State Workers

Recently read an article on the pro business website “MarketWatch” where one of their columnist was questioning why the pension fund for Police and Firefighters in Detroit was being threatened by the impending bankruptcy proceedings when the Detroit Police and Firefighters Pension Fund was better funded (77%) than most state pension funds (including the MA […]