Local Aid Comparisons (FY2013)

The chart below displays local aid comparison quantities for communities in the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District. Click here for an expanded Excel spreadsheet including the same data for all communities in the state. A few observations: Arlington achieves a relatively great increase in total local aid (line 19); the change comes in the Chapter […]

Recent legislation

Will Congratulations!  Best of luck and strength and inspiration, in all your efforts and collaborations Just a quick note regarding two current legislative initiatives. “3 Strikes”- I can’t tell you how glad I am that you’re resisting this effort.  It’s a blunt weapon that often disregards any sense of respective circumstances of individuals, and doesn’t […]

Why are Belmont residents ineligible for some Mass Save programs?

Will, I recently moved to Belmont and had an energy audit done through the Mass Save program. The auditor told me that because I live in Belmont I was not eligible for several Mass Save programs, including free efficient light bulbs and no-interest loans for energy improvements. Can you explain why Belmont residents are excluded […]