More state administrative consolidation — the Sheriffs

One of the sleeper stories in this year’s season of reform is the consolidation of the remaining seven independent Sheriff’s into the state budget. The main cost benefit of this change is that the employees of the sheriffs will purchase their health insurance through the Group Insurance Commission now as state employees.

Comments on Non-competes from Forrester Research

You can find plenty of press coverage about why non-competes ostensibly thwart recruiting top talent to start-ups. What you don’t hear about is how non-competes ultimately help new and established companies alike to retain the talent they’ve invested in, further nurtured and who have become star employees due to their rewarding tenure and success. How can today’s start-ups hope to mature into successful firms if their top performers are easily poached?

A Teacher’s Perspective on Education Technology

Teachers are eager for new technology, but we don’t have enough of it in the schools. The students who have the equipment and really know how to use it for something other than gaming, are not the ones who need it. The rest have to be explicitly taught how to use technology as a learning tool. For my students, I have to teach them how to learn in general first.