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I share these widely held beliefs: that education is the right of every child, that education is the foundation of our democracy, and that education is critical for the long-term vitality of our economy.

I am also among the growing minority who feel that we need to fundamentally change the way we provide education if we are to achieve the goal of bringing every child to their full potential. In the model we have — in which most content for learning is delivered by teachers in classrooms — we are failing to adequately differentiate learning to meet the diverse needs of our children. As hard as we try to increase education funding, class sizes are never going to be small enough for teachers to fully address the individuality of every child.

We will always need teachers to coach and motivate students, but we need to give them the online tools they need to deliver different content to different kids and test different content for different kids. We also need to empower kids more to learn on their own and give them credit for their independent learning.

For the past three legislative sessions, I have worked hard to pass legislation to strengthen online learning in Massachusetts. This effort culminated in the virtual schools bill that we passed at the end of the session.

I’m going to spend the next session listening to students, parents and teachers, watching to see how the virtual school bill is implemented, and generally thinking about how best to further support change in public education. As of this writing, I am currently in the middle of a program of visiting all of the schools in my district.

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