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Senator Brownsberger Submits Budget Priorities to Senate Ways and Means

Senator Brownsberger has submitted a letter detailing his budget priorities to the Chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. You can access the letter here: Budget Priority Letter- FY14. You can also review the text of the letter

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Video on budget developments

Will talks about the budget and taxes with Mike Widmer, President of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation (video).

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New information about the Governor’s tax package.

The Governor has rolled out a very useful tool for understanding the moving parts in his tax package

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Education Aid in the Governor’s Budget

The Governor, in his fiscal 2014 budget, has proposed to finally complete the education aid reform initiated in 2006. This is extremely good news for Watertown — Watertown had, for years, been badly short-changed by the failure to fully implement

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The next couple of years

The next couple of years in state government will be challenging and fascinating and I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your state senator.

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Session Wrap-up


On Tuesday night we finished formal sessions for the 2011-2012 legislative session. Here’s a summary of what we got done.

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