Privacy Policy

This website does not collect any information about you individually, except when you comment. When you comment, it captures your internet address and the data that you enter yourself along with your comment. The data you enter yourself does include your email address, but that email address is kept confidential and used only for follow up on the comment (if any follow up is necessary).

This website does not include any advertisements and so, unlike most sites that include advertisements, it does not create advertising interest cookies that track you to other sites. However, this site does use Google Analytics and the “Facebook pixel”. These tools allow us to retrieve aggregate data about site traffic sources and site usage. The Facebook pixel also allows us to target audiences (but not individuals) who have previously visited this site when we boost posts on Facebook.

If you subscribe to our email list, we will keep your email private. We send only news to the email list and we will never share it. You will never receive political solicitations as a result of signing up for it. We do use Mailchimp, industry standard email software, which tracks clicks and opens so that we can avoid spamming people with additional information about subjects that have previously been uninteresting to them.