The hidden problem of abuse by court appointed guardians

In 2012 my girlfriend Gretchen Gates was subjected to severe abuse by a court appointed guardian. This abuse destroyed her whole life and led to her premature death. I was also subjected to abuse. I could not believe what happened. This cannot happen in the United States of America. Despite a blistering complaint to the […]

We the people and Accountability of lawyers

I never worried about abuse of the power by government until 2012. Someone I loved very dearly was subjected to abuse by a professional guardian appointed by the Probate Court. I was also subjected to abuse. In practice, there was no recourse to the power of the guardian. There were no checks and balances. There was no accountability.

Office of Adult Guardianship

There is currently an act before the Massachusetts Legislature to establish the Office of Adult Guardianship and Decisional Support Services. (S.1177/H3027). The purpose of the bill is to provide guardianship services to “unbefriended” people who are unable to manage their affairs. These people are the most vulnerable in society. They have no one to complain […]