2013 & 2014 Session Update

LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2013 & 2014 LEGISLATIVE SESSION (UPDATED 8/1/14) Special Election Provisions (Ch. 2 of Acts 2013) FY13 Supplemental Budget (Ch. 3 of Acts 2013) Chapter 90 Road and Bridge Repairs (Ch. 18 of Acts 2013) Capital Supplemental Budget (Ch. 27 of Acts 2013) Uniform Commercial Code (Ch. 30 of Acts 2013) Affordable […]

Letter to Governor Patrick – Mount Auburn Street and Fresh Pond Parkway

Senator Brownsberger and his colleagues representing Watertown, Belmont and Cambridge sent a letter to Governor Deval Patrick, urging him to release funds to study the intersection of Mount Auburn Street and the Fresh Pond Parkway.  This is a major bottleneck for commuters trying to get from Belmont, Watertown and points west to Cambridge, Boston and […]