Citizen’s United amendment

Dear Will, I searched the site but didn’t see your support for the Constitutional amendment resolution to overturn Citizen’s United.  Just wanted to make sure you are supporting this and to be aware of the Judiciary committee vote.  Is there any concern that this may not pass out of the committee?  I have spoken with […]

The 2006 Education Aid Reform

Starting in Fiscal 2002, the state moved away from reliance on the statutory Chapter 70 formula, distributing education aid based on annually changing formulas written into outside Section 3 of the annual general appropriations act. It was increasingly recognized that, although Chapter 70 had been fairly successful in reducing disparities in education spending, it was […]

What’s wrong with Chapter 70?

The three pages linked to at the bottom of this page explore the implementation of the education aid reforms of 2006 through the financial crunch and consider alternative implementations for FY2013 and beyond. Education aid was formerly distributed to communities pursuant to Chapter 70 of the General Laws and “Chapter 70” is still shorthand for […]