Transparency — Overview

Posts on MBTA pension transparency End the Secrecy of the MBTA Pension System Senate Transportation Plan includes Transparency Enhancement Posts on financial transparency in the legislative process July 2012 Senate Transparency and Financial Management Reforms Progress on Controlling Special Interest Tax Breaks Transparency Improvements Implemented Transparency Rule Changes Passed Transparency Improvements Passed Transparency and the […]

what are reasonable assumptions about long term returns of pension plans?

“…the current [pension] shortfall is attributable to the recent stock market plunge…” Hmm…first of all, the S&P 500 has doubled from its March 2009 low and is now within 40 points of its all time high (1,565 on Oct. 9, 2007). ┬áSo we are past the plunge. Second, the problem of poor returns now stretches […]