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Video on budget developments

Will talks about the budget and taxes with Mike Widmer, President of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation (video).

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New information about the Governor’s tax package.

The Governor has rolled out a very useful tool for understanding the moving parts in his tax package

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Governor expands the options

Last week, the Governor proposed a substantial income tax rate increase, and so focused political attention — positive and negative — on that simple and controversial proposition. In fact, however, he placed before the legislature a broad package which raises

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Governor’s Tax Plan

We’re just getting started in the budget process and we’ll all carefully study the options. Read the Governor’s revenue plan here. Read a summary of recent cost-control and fiscal responsibility measures here. This morning, I offered this comment to a

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A Bold and Responsible Transportation Plan

The Governor released his transportation plan today.  He held the release in a large hall at UMass Boston and it was packed.   The level of  interest reflects a recognition of the significance of the plan. Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey

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Setting Transportation Goals

The good news is that the state’s leaders agree that, in the coming legislative term, we need to address our deficit in transportation infrastructure investment. The challenge is that there is no consensus about the scope of the fix.

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