local aid in House FY2013 budget

I’m glad the local aid is being increased, but I’m very concerned about the cuts being made to other services that need to be funded at a state level, like gang violence prevention.  Mental health, the area in which I work, is still being badly hurt by previous cuts which have not yet been restored, cuts for example to services for the most severely mentally ill, which puts great burdens on their families and communities.  These also need state, not local, funding and coordination.

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  1. Thanks, Naomi.

    Yes. There are a number of things in the state budget this year that are of concern. I appreciate your speaking on this. We all want to do more local aid, because that is what most directly supports the local services that are most tangible for many people. But there is more we need to worry about.

    We can’t do it all and I’m not sure how we’ll handle it on the Senate side.

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