Inventory of Transportation Projects

This is a list of transportation projects in the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District with a state role. It will be continually updated, the latest update was on 6/27/23. If there is a project missing or in need of an update, please email Kimberley Hutter

ProjectLocationDescriptionProject TypeState InvolvementNext StepsProject StatusRelated Materials
Cambridge Street Safety Improvements (separate from I-90 project) Allston-BrightonFrom North Harvard to the River, improvements to bike lane and vehicular facilities Roadway ProjectState permits for this city project CompleteCambridge Street Safety Improvements
Franklin St Pedestrian Bridge (separate from I-90 project) Allston-BrightonReplacement and improvements to the old bridge, in need of repairs Other Infrastructure ProjectsMassDOT bridge
Soldiers Field Road Pedestrian Bridges Allston-BrightonNeed for improvements to several crossings or additional crossings at Smith Park and in the SFR extension, may be included in planned road diet. Current crossings at Telford and Everett may not be necessary to replace with planned road diet. Smith Park crossing also impacted by planned road diet. Other Infrastructure ProjectsDCR owned roadway, project managed by DCR

Next Steps: Determine if road diet is planned for next few years, project timeline? Determine if road diet extends to SFR extension
Cambridge St Mass Pike Overpass (separate from I-90 project) Allston-BrightonImprovements for pedestrian facilities along overpass Other Infrastructure ProjectsPending
I-90 Highway Noise Abatement (separate from I-90 project) Allston-BrightonAlong Lincoln St, from Birmingham Parkway to Mansfield St, and Pratt St, parallel to Beacon Park yards Other Infrastructure ProjectsMassDOT responsibility Pending
$2.5 Million to MBTA for Allston Yards Mitigation Allston-BrightonThe developers of the Stop & Shop in Allston Yards will give a on-time payment of $2.5 million to the MBTA as mitigation, for use in the local area Transit Network EnhancementsComplete
Belmont Community PathBelmontCreation of a 2-mile segment of a bike and pedestrian path through Belmont, connecting Waltham and CambridgeBike and Pedestrian InfrastructureUnder review by MassDOT; Allocated funds in MPO's FFY 23-27 TIPApproval of 25% design plans by MassDOTUnder design reviewNov 21, 2021 Meeting - 25% Design Plans
Western Ave + Soldiers Field Rd + Arsenal St+ Leo Birmingham Pkwy Intersection Allston-Brighton/ WatertownChanges to traffic flow and timing at this key intersection as a part of the Western Ave Study, Soldiers Field Road diet, and a separate BPDA intersection study. Roadway ProjectDCR owned roadwayIncluded in Western Ave Corridor Rezoning ProjectJuly 28, 2022 Meeting
Western Ave.Allston-BrightonOngoing study on urban planning along the corridor, includes 3 transportation options for the Western Ave Corridor and involves several key intersections with other high traffic roads. Roadway ProjectKey intersections with DCR owned roads; MBTA planning regarding bus service and potential roadway changes for bus priority.Corridor Study and Rezoning adopted by the BPDA in Oct. 2022

Transit way proposal under review and traffic study.
Pending transit proposal and traffic study review.July 28, 2022 Meeting

Western Ave Corridor Study & Rezoning page
Bus Network RedesignAllThe Bus Network Redesign completely reimagines the MBTA’s bus network to reflect these changes and create a better experience for current and future bus riders.Transit Network Enhancements MBTA projectRevised Network Map approved by the MBTA board, implementation of phase 1 underdevelopmentImplementation phase 1, in progressRevised Network Map
Commonwealth Avenue Improvement Project Phase 3 & 4 Allston-BrightonCity plan to redesign Commonwealth Ave between Brighton Avenue (Packard’s Corner) and Warren/Kelton Streets. Focused on multi-modal enhancementsRoadway ProjectState permits for this city project Determine status of the project and projected timeline25% design expected in Fall 2023Project Website
Enforcement of bus stop/lane restrictions Allston-BrightonCommunity is advocating legislatively for camera enforcement to be permanently enabled for bus lanes and stops to mitigate bus delays Transit Network Enhancements Legislature to consider camera enforcement policy for bus lane violations Allston-Brighton Mobility Plan, page 36
Commuter Rail stations, service and bridges Allston-BrightonMobility study recommends construction on West Station to serve existing residents and commuters in Allston and widening key bridges including MBTA bridges at Brooks Street, Parsons Street and North Beacon Street; and the City-owned bridge at Market Street. Other Infrastructure ProjectsMBTA owned stations and bridges, MBTA management of train schedule and frequencyPendingAllston-Brighton Mobility Plan, page 43
Harvard Ave/Allston Village Allston-BrightonBus stop relocation and pilot bus priority lane Other Infrastructure Projects MBTA bus route & stop relocationAllston-Brighton Mobility Plan, page 56
I-90 Allston-BrightonMultimodal project to straighten out the I-90 interchange, moving forward with the modified at-grade proposal. Local concerns include: Buffer Park, People’s Pike, Agganis Way Connector, Cambridge St Bypass (see section O.), West Station, Midday Layup Facility (Opposed), Highway noise abatement, expanded parkland along the Charles River, traffic mitigationRoadway ProjectMassDOT highway project, traffic impacts & mitigation on local region and western municipalities traffic Await completion of federal environmental permitting process, expected during 2024.Pending completion of federal permitting process.Project Website

Sept 2021 Task Force Presentation
Leo Birmingham Parkway + Market + Lincoln Intersection Allston-BrightonChanges to pedestrian and bike facilities and vehicular lane reorganization for easier navigation and traffic mitigation. Roadway ProjectDCR owned roadwayDCR Master Plan, page 162

Jan 2021 BPDA Meeting
Soldiers Field Road dietAllston-BrightonDCR plan to reduce road to one lane in each direction and provide additional crosswalks as a part of the Herter Park Master PlanRoadway ProjectDCR owned roadway, project managed by DCRHerter Park Master plan accepted, phase 1 includes construction of new Artesani parking lot. SFR traffic study planned for summer 2023 in coordination with BTD and Western Ave transit way proposal. Pending traffic study review in collaboration with Western Ave Transit Study. DCR Master Plan, page 164

Sep 28, 2022 Public Meeting
IHOP rotaryAllston-BrightonDCR plan to reconstruct roads at the rotary to consolidate green space and improve navigability of intersections. Final design pending. Rotary changes connected to Brighton Pool plans.Roadway ProjectDCR owned roadway and park, project managed by DCRAwaiting completion of facility study, design bid expected late summer 2023. Recreation facility design will move forward after roadway plans.Pending completion of facility study.DCR Master Plan, page 159

Feasibility Study

May 25, 2023 Public Meeting
Memorial Drive Greenway Improvements, Phase IIICambridgeThe redesign of the Memorial Drive Greenway between JFK Street (i.e., the Anderson Bridge) and the Eliot BridgeRoadway Project, Bike and Pedestrian InfrastructureDCR owned roadway, project managed by DCR75% Design Public Meeting in Fall 2022/Winter 202325% Design Presentation
MBTA off board fare collection Allston-BrightonNeighborhood interested in the MBTA plans to move fare collection off buses to decrease bus delays. Requires adding Kiosks at bus stops to add fare to Charlie Cards prior to bus boarding. Other Infrastructure ProjectsMBTA fare transformation process, determination of new partnerships and kiosk locationsImplementation to begin in phase 4 of the project. Phase 3 is being currently completed.Pending completion of phase 2. MBTA Fare Transformation Project
Green Line improvementsAllston-BrightonWork completed to improve speed and reliability, reduce crowding, enhance station stops, and improve physical accessibility to stations. Other Infrastructure ProjectsMBTA capital improvement project CompleteGreen Line Transformation Website