Important information for bus commuters:
If you ride the 71 bus from Watertown or the 73, 74, 75 or 78 bus from Belmont, starting June 23rd the bus will no longer enter Harvard Station. The sidewalk in front of the Mount Auburn Street Post Office will be the pick-up location and sidewalk on Mount Auburn Street at Bennett Alley will be drop-off location. Signs at the stops will direct passengers connecting to the Red Line to the nearest station stairway and elevator on Brattle Street. These entrances will remain open throughout the project to allow all commuters to access the Red Line.

From the MBTA:

Harvard Square Station Busway Improvements

Public Information Session:

Tuesday, June 18th 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM & 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Harvard Station, Main Lobby (across from Dunkin Donuts)
1400 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

For project updates, visit the Harvard Busway Improvement Page

The MBTA is completing the final design of improvements for the Harvard Square Station Busway to enhance the level of service, performance, and passenger safety.

Located within Harvard Square Station, the busway connects 10 bus routes serving Cambridge and the surrounding communities with the MBTA Red Line. The busway is the third busiest bus stop on the MBTA, and averages 16,000 passengers per weekday.

About the Project
To view project flyer, please click here

Starting in late June, the MBTA will be improving Harvard Station’s busway, which was last renovated in the 1980s.

The 1,380-foot-long busway has upper (northbound) and lower (southbound) levels. To complete the improvements, the MBTA needs to shut down one section of the busway at a time. The upper busway will be closed for improvements starting in late June. When that work is complete, the lower busway will be closed.

The MBTA scheduled construction to avoid winter weather as best as possible. Some routes will pick up and drop off at the surface level.

Temporary Bus Service & Stop Changes during Improvements beginning June 23rd
To view specific bus service & stop changes flyer, please click here
To view renovation and curbside impact flyer, please click here

Construction will be phased to maintain bus service during construction with one tunnel remaining open at all times. The planned construction will require closure of one tunnel at a time for a six month period. The links directly above provide important information on bus service and stop changes for commuters and also curbside impacts.

Contact Information

For all queries and comments related to the Harvard Station Busway Improvements, please contact project manager Lonny Fidalgo at

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  1. Why don’t you save the money and put on a few more buses. it will better serve the public. anyway it doesn’t matter what you say ,why complain don’t worry be happy as we slop Through-the snow this winter. yeah!

  2. How is this an improvement? Now we will have to go outside where it could be raining or brutally hot! It already was perfect! Since you just got off the Red Line!

    1. It’s not an improvement. It’s a temporary inconvenience during construction to make an improvement.

      When the project is over, we’ll be back inside in the busway. Then it will be an improvement.

  3. Senator Brownsberger,

    I would ask you to encourage the MBTA to erect temporary, or even permanent, shelter at the Mt Auburn Street and Story Street stop. Given the oftentimes lengthy delays and variability of the regions weather, wind and rain protection is quite literally the least the MBTA could do for their passengers. Even if the shelter is around the corner on Story Street, it would help.

  4. Hello Senator Brownsberger–
    I’d like to echo a comment above. Please ask the MBTA to install temporary shelter at the Mt. Auburn / Story St. stop. The stop is very exposed to the strong afternoon sun, and waiting for the bus last week was unbearable. Thank you for your help.

  5. Today during the evening rush hour there were 7 trolley buses backed up on Mt. Auburn St. waiting to go around the loop, with more coming in. I assume there was something wrong with the first bus, which prevented the others from moving. OK, that can happen, but something similar happened last week. Is everything on the T broken?

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