FY15 Major Local Aid Programs

Chapter 70FY13 Final Budget8,109,4965,724,243207,858,8138,892,1633,341,524
FY14 Final Budget10,048,9805,864,908209,406,5639,053,6133,928,626
FY15 Governor's10,234,5826,420,104210,991,43510,513,2634,334,781
FY15 Joint Local Aid Resolution10,234,582
FY14 to FY15 Pct Change1.8%9.5%0.8%16.1%10.3%
General GovernmentFY13 Budget6,416,9091,909,790160,247,30118,170,6905,641,884
FY14 Final Budget6,568,5911,954,933164,035,21018,600,2075,775,246
FY15 Governor's6,568,5911,954,933164,035,21018,600,2075,775,246
FY15 Joint Local Aid Resolution6,750,750
FY14 to FY15 Pct Change2.8%2.8%2.8%2.8%2.8%
TotalFY13 Final Budget14,526,4057,634,033368,106,11427,062,8538,983,408
FY14 Final Budget16,617,5717,819,841373,441,77327,653,8209,703,872
FY15 Governor's16,803,1738,375,037375,026,64529,113,47010,110,027
FY15 Joint Local Aid Resolution16,985,3328,429,251379,575,64829,629,28910,270,185
FY14 to FY15 Pct Change2.2%7.8%1.6%7.1%5.8%
FY14 to FY15 Raw Change367,761 609,410

Click here for a spreadsheet showing the increases in all 14 local aid programs from FY14 to the FY15 proposed amounts for the same communities. This spreadsheet, based on data from the Governor’s office in January, reflects the original FY15 Governor’s budget amounts for the Chapter 70 and UGGA programs. It does not reflect the FY15 Joint Resolution by the legislature. It also does not reflect the final legislative action on programs other than Chapter 70 and UGGA — that won’t be available until June or July.

Anne Johnson Landry
Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor
Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger



Published by Anne Johnson Landry

Anne works as Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor to Senator Brownsberger.