Governor Patrick Releases Proposed Local Aid Numbers for FY14

The Governor has released his proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2014, including proposed local aid numbers. The local aid figures for the municipalities in Senator Brownsberger’s district, as proposed by the Governor, can be found in the chart below. Under the Governor’s proposal, the Unrestricted General Government Aid numbers would remain the same, while the Chapter 70 education funds would increase for each community compared to FY13. Annual Formula Local Aid is a new category of aid, which takes into account a municipality’s circumstances and is based on a rational funding formula, which considers property values and income.


MunicipalityChapter 70Unrestricted General Government AidAnnual Formula Local Aid


The chart below represents the evolution of local aid numbers through the past few years for the communities the Senator has represented.

Governor's FY14 Proposed
Chapter 709,768,4396,355,373209,416,33813,009,0344,984,927
Unrestricted Government Aid6,416,9091,909,790160,247,30118,170,6905,641,884
Annual Formula Local Aid128,25453,2202,132,151251,339107,655
Total Section 3 Aid16,313,6028,318,383371,795,79031,431,06310,734,476
Change from FY131,787,197684,3503,689,6764,368,2101,751,058
FY13 budgeted
Chapter 708,109,4965,724,243207,858,8138,892,1633,341,524
Unrestricted Government Aid6,416,9091,909,790160,247,30118,170,6905,641,884
Total Section 3 Aid14,526,4057,634,033368,106,11427,062,8538,983,408
Changes from Senate Ways and Means budgeted-7,279-2,166-181,767-20,611-6,399
Senate Ways and Means FY13 Budget
Chapter 708,109,4965,724,243207,858,8138,892,1633,341,524
Unrestricted Government Aid6,424,1881,911,956160,429,06818,191,3015,648,283
Total Section 3 Aid14,533,6847,636,199368,287,88127,083,4648,989,807
Change from House Budgeted for FY1313,8322,166181,80720,6116,399
House Budgeted for FY13
Chapter 708,102,9435,724,243207,858,7738,892,1633,341,524
Unrestricted Government Aid6,416,9091,909,790160,247,30118,170,6905,641,884
Total Section 3 Aid14,519,8527,634,033368,106,07427,062,8538,983,408
Change from Governor's FY13 Proposed (House 2)463,939291,00614,030,8641,562,856515,212
Governor's FY13 Proposed (House 2)
Chapter 708,102,9435,571,323205,414,453 8,643,123 3,234,244
Unrestricted Government Aid5,952,9401,771,704148,660,757 16,856,874 5,233,952
Total Section 3 Aid14,055,8837,343,027354,075,21025,499,9978,468,196
Change from FY12 Budgeted9.50%0%0%0%0%
FY12 Budgeted
Chapter 70 6,880,580 5,571,323 205,414,453 8,643,123 3,234,244
Unrestricted Government Aid 5,952,940 1,771,704 148,660,757 16,856,874 5,233,952
Total Section 3 (Major Program) Aid per Budget 12,833,520 7,343,027 354,075,210 25,499,997 8,468,196
Additional Local Aid Distributed 10/31/2011463,969138,08611,586,5441,313,816407,932

Anne Johnson Landry
Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor
Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

Published by Anne Johnson Landry

Anne works as Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor to Senator Brownsberger.