FY18 Local Aid Summary

*Updated 6/1/2017

Chapter 70FY13 Budget8,109,4965,724,243207,858,8138,892,1633,341,524
FY14 Budget10,048,9805,864,908209,406,5639,053,6133,928,626
FY15 Budget10,234,5826,420,104210,991,43510,513,2634,334,781
FY16 Budget10,715,5596,766,099212,596,33511,077,4014,399,531
FY17 Budget11,012,6697,111,769216,128,43513,287,4624,540,881
FY18 Gov's Budget11,124,8097,639,082217,420,47514,289,4174,874,451
FY18 House11,180,8797,800,233218,066,49514,367,5424,903,189
FY18 Senate11,180,8797,969,002218,066,49514,456,3944,946,210
FY17 to FY18 Senate Pct Change1.53%12.05%0.90%8.80%8.93%
Unrestricted General Government AidFY13 Budget6,416,9091,909,790160,247,30118,170,6905,641,884
FY14 Budget6,568,5911,954,933164,035,21018,600,207 5,775,246 
FY15 Budget6,750,7502,009,147168,584,21319,116,0265,935,404
FY16 Budget6,993,7772,081,476174,653,24519,804,2036,149,079
FY17 Budget7,294,5092,170,979182,163,33520,655,7846,413,489
FY18 Gov's Budget7,578,9952,255,647189,267,70521,461,3606,663,615
FY18 House7,578,9952,255,647189,267,70521,461,3606,663,615
FY18 Senate7,578,9952,255,647189,267,70521,461,3606,663,615
FY17 to FY18 Senate Pct Change3.90%3.90%3.90%3.90%3.90%
TotalFY13 Budget14,526,4057,634,033368,106,11427,062,8538,983,408
FY14 Budget16,617,5717,819,841373,441,77327,653,8209,703,872
FY15 Budget16,985,3328,429,251379,575,64829,629,28910,270,185
FY16 Budget17,709,3368,847,575387,249,58030,881,60410,548,610
FY17 Budget18,307,1789,282,748398,291,77033,943,24610,954,370
FY18 Gov's Budget18,703,8049,894,729406,688,18035,750,77711,538,066
FY18 House18,759,87410,055,880407,334,20035,828,90211,566,804
Total Local AidFY18 Senate18,759,87410,224,649407,334,20035,917,75411,609,825
FY17 to FY18 Senate Pct Change2.47%10.15%2.27%5.82%5.98%

7061-9010 – Charter School Reimbursement:

FY13: $81,145,544
FY14: $104,489,111
FY15: $77,713,137
FY16: $80,500,000
FY17 Final: $80,500,000
FY18 Gov: $80,500,000
FY18 House Final:$80,500,000
FY18 Senate Final:$83,500,000

7061-0012 – Circuit Breaker Reimburse for Special Education:

FY13: $250,229,413
FY14: $257,150,499
FY15: $256,213,294
FY16: $271,722,425
FY17: $277,281,180
FY18: $277,281,180
FY18 Gov: $277,281,180
FY18 House Final:$281,281,181
FY18 Senate Final:$294,240,396

For a detailed explanation of Circuit Breaker, see this post by Senator Brownsberger.

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