2008 Legislative Local Aid Resolution

The House today passed a local aid resolution. It was pre-agreed with the
Senate leadership, so that it is unlikely to change.

The resolution will provide a substantially greater increase in Chapter 70
Aid than the Governor’s budget — $220 milliion instead of $200 million. In
addition, it addresses the formula issues which I highlighted in an earlier
post to this e-mail list.

The results of the changes in Chapter 70 are below. Lottery Aid and
Additional Assistance were unchanged from the Governor’s budget to the House

2007 2008(Governor) 2008(House)
Arlington 5,592,670 5,814,120 5,814,120
Belmont 3,344,078 3,524,678 3,857,487
Cambridge 7,772,248 8,074,398 8,516,353

When the matter was discussed today on the House floor, there some
discussion about how the issues in the formula were identified and my
earlier efforts on the issue were referenced on the floor of the House by
the Chair of the Education committee. I think that the House education
formula experts had already identified the issue when I expressed concern,
but I appreciated the mention.

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.