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An exchange about policy on economic growth

I left David Chase and Jim Sloman know that I liked this article on pro-growth economic policies and asked for their comments and they had the exchange reproduced below. As a state representative, I focus on matters of state policy

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Sales tax on alcohol – other taxes, and other consumer savings

There’s been a bit of press about the drive to repeal the sales tax on alcohol. Personally, I’m not crazy about paying an extra $1.25 on a case of Harpoon IPA. I have some questions (which I can’t find answers

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The Budget Conference Report

We passed the conference committee report this week. It now goes to the Governor’s desk for review.

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Overlay Reserve Account Issue

I would support this law change if it were subject to a vote of the people consistent with the spirit of Proposition 2.5. As written right now, there is no such provision for a local electoral vote and I expect to vote against the change. I will make my final decision after listening to debate on the floor.

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Dazzled by the stars

Last week, I voted with a surprisingly small minority to curtail the state’s film tax credit, which was expanded under the leadership of former speaker Sal DiMasi. Mike Widmer, the President of the Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation, has stated that “All

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Trip to NH

While on a trip to NH to look for a “new address” I stopped at BJ’s Wholesale in Nashua. I actually had a hard time finding a NH license plate! 8 out of 10 were MA Plates doing there shopping

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