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Our long term financial problems

There is a growing belief among serious economists that we, as a country, face a large and unsustainable gap between our financial resources and our financial expectations. Current deficit spending by the national government and a failure to control long

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The Budget Conference Report

We passed the conference committee report this week. It now goes to the Governor’s desk for review.

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How to save $2m+ per year from the state budget

Hi Will – you may remember that the state has been through bad times before and there were lots of creative ways of saving money. I was reminded of one way today in a discussion with a colleague from Canada —

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State Stabilization Fund

The state’s stabilization (or “rainy day”) fund is designed to buoy the state through tough economic times, and it has certainly been used in the recent recession.  This post will examine the set-up of the fund, the recent history of

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A week of ironies

The House worked on the budget into the evening every day last week, finally finishing relatively early at about 6:30 on Friday night. The financial outlines of the budget remained unchanged — rising health care costs, modest cuts in local aid, deep cuts to many state agencies, no tax cuts and no tax increases.

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Questions and Answers about the House Budget

The House begins its Fiscal 2011 budget debate next week. While we will seek to amend the budget in many ways, the major outlines of the budget are unlikely to change. Here are some answers to basic questions about the budget.

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